Male Contraception With The Flip of A “Sperm Switch”

Introducing the most innovative device to stop pesky sperms from impregnating eggs in years! An improvement over a vasectomy — that in many cases cannot be reversed, the Bimek SLV is the latest male contraception device about to hit the market.

The “spermatic duct valve” was invented by German Clemens Bimek, who has created a device that stops the flow of sperm traveling from the vas deferens with a flip of a “dick switch,” also known as the “scrotum switch.” The small switch, which can be implanted in 30 minutes, is made of a medical-grade, non silicone substance used safely for years in other medical implants. According to the company it’s “as small as a gummy bear” and is implanted in the scrotum. What the gizmo does is keep the sperm from mixing with the semen during ejaculation. So the man ejaculates as normal, but the sperm isn’t released into the jizz carrying it.

The sperm switch “gate keeper” was first conceived in 1998 by it’s inventor, a carpenter, who has been refining the product ever since.  Bimek has been testing several prototype versions of the switch since 2009, when he had two valves implanted in himself. When the switch is not flipped and the user wants be a baby Daddy, the sperm are free to do their thing and impregnate the ladies.

For anyone interested, the company and its team of urologists is looking for “healthy volunteers” who want to test out the device.




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