Dr Ava Cadell Plays A Sex Therapist On “Gigi Does It”

If you like laughing out loud multiple times, watch the new Gigi Does It on the IFC channel. Comic David Krumholtz wrote the series and plays a 75-year-old woman based on his Jewish Grandma. Gigi is recently widowed, just inherited six million dollars from her cheapskate husband who never gave her an orgasm, and is “ready to get back into the dating scene.”

On Episode 6 Dr. Ava Cadell plays herself as Gigi seeks the “advice of a reputable Sex Therapist.” First, she asks if Gigi know what the “4 S’s of oral sex are: (“Slap,” “Spit” “Suck” and “Swallow”) which Gigi guesses are “So how’s it going,” “Stop,” “Suppository,” and “Sorry.”

“Working with the talented David Krumoltz as Gigi in all his womanly glory was hilarious!” says Dr. Ava. “It was the most fun I’ve had all year.”

The Gigi character is clever, well-played, and very funny. His side-kick, a male nurse who has to put up with her, played by co-creator Ricky Mabe, is also priceless. Oh, and the sex jokes are killer.

Check out the hilarity Monday nights on IFC at 10:30pm.

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