F*cking New York: A New Book That Fucks NYC

New York City is one of the most intense, throbbing cities in the world, and a new book ponders what it would be like fucking it. Or fucking with it.

Fucking New York is a collection of bad ass, “fuck you I don’t care what you think” photos of women humping hoods of police cars, rubbing themselves against fire hydrants, stripping off their clothes in the middle of the street, and smashing their boobs up against glass windows. Fuck yeah.

“The book brought together New Yorkers of all ages, shapes, sizes, social, and ethnic backgrounds” says Nikola Tamindzic, a Serbian-American photographer who chronicled the wild nightlife of the city in Gawker for ten years. “New York is like that bad boy or a girl you always wanted to make your own, and never quite could, but man, the sex was always amazing,” he says.

Models in the coffee table art book include writers, artists, fashion models, activists, and porn star Stoya. “Those people brought the mix of intense carnality and playful humor I was looking for” says Mr. Tamindzic.

Like New York City itself, the subversively playful book is a contradictive combination of glamorous, gritty, exciting, rebellious, confident, strange, sophisticated, edgy, wild, sexy, creative, and fun.

In addition to the photographs themselves, the book will also feature conversations about the book and the issues it raises, including “the male gaze”, nudity, and sexual politics.

It’s wildly sexy and fun. We fucking love it.

You can order it here.

e8345fff642142874ad3bd6e8f1cd2f7_originalJust another steamy night in Manhattan.

nikola38ff42e1ff1f3fa3f0fb903374ca9431f_originalFucking with the NYPD.

trump3d23e5b854160930bffd0023da866aed_original Oh, and fuck New Yorker Donald Trump too, says activist Candice Fortin. “Donald Trump can kiss my ass.”

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