Who Has The Sexiest Accents?

What are the sexiest accents in America and Britain? Well, it depends if you ask an American or a Brit. A recent poll conducted by British Airways asked 1000 Americans and 1000 Britons their opinion of accents, and found that Americans thought the Scottish “Glaswegian” accent was the sexiest. They cited Sean Connery as their favorite. Hugh Grant and Keira Knightley came in second and third. They also liked the Southern Irish accent, the British “Received Pronounciation” or “BBC” accent, and the Welsh accent, although many Americans can’t tell the difference.

A British poll taken last year found that British people thought the Scottish accent was the fifth worse accent, and Southern Irish the sexiest.

Britons thought the southern accent was by far the sexiest and cited Dolly Parton and Morgan Freeman, both from Tennessee, as their favorites. They also like the New York accent (“cup of cawfee”) and the New Jersey accent, a shocker. I’m going to go with the Irish accent, way sexier than Jersey Shore.


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