“Inside Her Sex” – A Documentary By Sheona McDonald

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Canadian filmmaker Sheona McDonald‘s new documentary Inside Her Sex digs deep into the subject of female desire and sexuality, uncovering a hungry need for honesty, openness, conversation and subtlety. Girls growing up in our highly sexualized yet shaming society may wonder, ‘Am I a prude or a slut?’ Either way, there is shame, and reason to feel like you’re not doing it ‘right.’ If you’re a slut, then you don’t deserve respect or decency. If you’re a prude, then you’re no fun, or a ‘tease.’

This film asks what would happen if the veil of shame were lifted. What if we could nurture exploration, education and play? Could we change the paradigm to allow women to be sexual beings without any stigma attached – whether it’s virgin or whore?

McDonald chooses three fascinating women to interview whose diverse perspectives frame the big picture. Candida Royalle, a 1970’s adult star turned erotic filmmaker, Elle Chase, a renowned sex educator who was once a young bride who believed she was frigid, and a young transgender individual who freed themselves from the shackles of gender expectation after years of painful suppression.

These three stories of sexual liberation provoke a fascinating discussion about the role of sexuality in women’s lives, and how shame, repression and ignorance work against joy and fulfillment. What can we do to change this? You’ll have to watch and find out.

Inside Her Sex premieres on CBC’s documentary Channel on Sunday, December 14th 2014 at 9pm ET and 10pm PT. Watch the riveting trailer above!

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