Japanese Condom Ad Goes “Jurrasic Pork”

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Ever wonder what two dinosaurs look like getting it on? Probably not, but a Japanese condom company did. They found that most people rarely remembered condoms ads, so they hired professional animator Kota Morie to make one people wouldn’t forget.¬†Okamato Condoms, the “No.1” condom company in Japan, computer generated two Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs porking each other. One of them at least looks like he enjoyed himself.

Mrs. Rex doesn’t look too happy after only a brief few seconds of sex, and roars back at him, showing her teeth and saying something in dinosaur speak-like “That was it?”

Started in 1934 in Tokyo, the company first made rubberized fabrics and raincoats. Years later they are making penis raincoats with goofy advertising campaigns. Their newest product is a condom made with hyaluronic acid, a lubricant.


The dino-on-dino action however, was created to promote their “Zero one” condom, a 0.01 millimeter thin condom they claim is “the thinnest condom in Japan.” “Over 70 million years ago there was not yet love in the world,” they say. But some squishy, prehistoric sex, however brief, changed all that. “The male star is an overenthusiastic lover,” the company explains. We’re just hoping the next ad lasts a little longer.


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