Book Review of “I Am Sex” by Dr. TaMara Griffin

Dr. Tamara Griffin’s book I Am Sex opens with a personal story about how, at age 13, she declared to her open-minded mother that she wanted to be a Sex Therapist. Her mother was surprised of course, but what’s even more surprising is that Tamara followed through on her dream and is now a practicing certified sexologist, sex therapist and motivational speaker. She even has her own magazine for women’s sexuality called Our Sexuality! and is the National Correspondent for the Association of Black Sexologists International.

I Am Sex is an empowering guidebook for women who are looking to boost their sexual self-esteem and discover their deepest pleasures. Dr. Griffin invites women to “face the truth” about themselves and take responsibility for the intimacy in their lives, whether it’s by understanding their own bodies and desires, or deepening passion in a relationship. The first several chapters give fantastic detailed information and advice on everything from anatomical terms to the stages of orgasm, safer sex to self-acceptance and self-care.

Part Three is entitled “I Am Ready For Pleasure” in which Dr. Griffin teaches readers how to choreograph their sexual pleasure to “maintain the honeymoon” phase of their relationships with both old-school and innovative ideas, ending in a section on “Sexperimentation” which invites the reader to explore boundaries and get outside their comfort zones.

The book is peppered with inspirational and romantic poetry that sets a tone of wonder, romance and joy, which is all part of Dr. Griffin’s sex-positive brand. With the enthusiasm of that 13 year old who declared her purpose in life, this book motivates and instructs, a beautiful how-to for women looking to empower themselves and find sexual fulfillment.

You can join Dr. TaMara Griffin’s movement of Healthy Sexuality at and by checking out the hashtags #HowDareINot and #ISaveLives

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