Mobile Kissing Is Here

“Experience internet kissing,” say the inventors of the “Kissenger,” a silicone device you attach to your cell phone for some long distance tongue action. “Kissing is the most direct and effective way to express your feelings and love,” they say. “With Kissenger, you can kiss your loved ones even when you are physically apart.”

“High precision force sensors are embedded under the silicon lip to measure the dynamic forces at different parts of your lips during a kiss,” according to the gadget’s geek squad, which includes a “Pervasive Computing Professor” at City University London and Founder of the Imagineering Lab and Imagineering Institute in Iskandar, Malaysia, a PhD student at the Lab and Hardware/Mobile Developer, an Associate Professor at Saitama Institute of Technology, Hardware, UI/UX Designer, Japan, and a graduate student at the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory (Ishiguro Lab) in Osaka University and Hardware/Software Developer.

The high tech device is designed to “kiss your partner, grandmother, or idol,” they say, and suggest it as a way for pop stars to kiss their fans, (like superstars don’t have anything better to do.) But we like the idea of kissing in any form, and the device sends the data to your phone, which transmits it to your partner over the Internet in real time. Miniature “linear actuators” are used to reproduce these forces on your partner’s lips, creating a realistic kissing sensation. “Kissenger provides a two-way interaction just like in a real kiss. You can also feel your partner’s kiss on your lips when they kiss you back,” according to the inventors.

“Plug in to your phone and give your loved ones a kiss over the Internet. Kissenger can sense your kiss and transmit realistic kissing sensations to your partner in real time. “Share an intimate moment with your friends and families while chatting with them on your phone,” they say. Use the Kissenger app and send them a kiss to let them know you miss them.” (Just don’t tongue your grandmother.)

Emma Zhang, who worked on the prototype, told the crowd at The Love & Sex With Robots Congress” at Goldsmiths, University of London, that “We made our first working prototype for iOS devices. The device is designed like a phone cover that plugs into the audio jack of iPhone/iPod/iPad.”Kissing is the most direct and universal expression of intimacy and affection.It’s a way for us to bond and maintain intimacy in our relationships.” ¬†Next, we hope they work on an “mobile oral sex” device, so we can let people know we miss them.

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