Sex Toy Co.Offers “Couples Insurance”

Lelo, the Stockholm, Sweden Manufacturer of swanky sex toys, is now offering “couples insurance” to anyone buying their Tiani 24 K sex toy. If you buy the toy and then break up within a year, you can return it and get a new sex toy to use on your new boy toy or girl friend. Sounds like a good deal to us, considering that single people are in a constant state of breaking up. And the best way to forget about someone who just broke up with you is to have an orgasm with someone new.

According to the company, “TIANI 24k is insured for one year after purchase, each massager printed with a unique identifying number straight into the gold ring, making yours unique to you and your relationship. If in the unfortunate event that you experience a break up within a year of owning a TIANI 24k, you can return it to us and choose from a selection of LELO’s bestselling luxury pleasure products.”

The vibrating “couples massager” promises you will “melt into ectasy” and is “sealed with a 24 karat gold kiss.” They say that it is “all about elevating shared sexual sensations when making love.” This new sex gadget; normally priced at $399.99, is now available on their site for $199.99. The sex toy is designed to be worn internally by the woman during the o’l in and out. The idea is to provide more intense orgasms for both people using it. The powerful vibrations – remote controlled and featuring SenseMotion technology – enhances the sensations for both people (who will later break up.)


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