The Don’ts Of Your Online Dating Profile Pics

I often have people asking me why their dating profiles are getting few responses. The problem is usually their photos, more often than the written profiles themselves. Here are some dating pic don’ts:

1) Don’t post group photos. Since people are looking at your profile only for a few seconds (often at work), they don’t want to have to figure out which one is you. Besides, if you are photographed standing next to someone hotter than you, people will ask who that person is because they want to date them.

2) Don’t post creepy Halloween photos. Halloween pics are fine as long as they are cute and sexy. Guys shouldn’t post ax-murderer or serial killer costume pics. Or devil pics; we’ve already dated him.

3) Don’t post pics that are too sexy. You’re asking for trouble. Unless you are on a swinger’s site of course, or a for a hook-up/sex only site; then go right ahead and back that ass up right up to the camera. If a man posts a nearly naked pic on a site like, he seriously looks like a man whore. If a woman posts a too sexy pic, it brings out the “creepy guy” who responds with “Sexy. Wanna hook up?”

4) Don’t post more than one or two selfies. It makes you look like you are too into yourself. And whatever you do, don’t post selfies of yourself in the bathroom. This is especially true of men; nothing ruins the look of a Tom Ford suit than a toilet in the background.


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