The Newest “Sexerciser” For Men!

There’s a new sexerciser in town and this time it’s for men. The new product, The kGoal Boost, is a virtual personal trainer for your penis. It’s being developed now for a July, 2016 release and looks like a cross between a cell phone and a blue plastic vagina. And since it’s external it can be used anywhere; in the car, on the subway, at the office, out to dinner, wherever.

How does it work? Just sit on it and squeeze your pelvic muscles. Nobody has to know you’re kegel exercising your way to bigger orgasms and smaller incidences of premature ejaculation, helping you in the future to keep from blowing your load in 2 minutes. And the thing helps you sexercise in real time as you squeeze away. It also charts your progress, sets goals, guides you on 5-minute workouts and sets reminders. (“What’s that?” “Oh, its just my personal trainer reminding me to do my penis exercises.”)

The company’s Kickstarter page is up to over $50,000 of it’s $100,000 launch goal and follows the great success of it’s female Kegel Exerciser, the female kGoal Boost. Released last year, it is used internally and became so popular that it is now sold globally. We were recently sent a couple by Adam & Eve, and are happy to report that our orgasms got “boosted.” The product promises to “boost your health below the belt.”

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