The “Earl”; The World’s Swankiest Buttplug

Ever wonder what to get the man who has everything? Wonder no more as the swankiest butt plug has arrived for the man who has arrived… And wants to put a fancy, gold plated $2,590 butt plug up his butthole. It’s like putting a Rolex up your ass. Except that it feels a lot better.

Fancy ass sex toy maker Lelo says that it is “Quite simply the most distinguished gentlemen’s plug in the world, perfect for personal indulgence and shared pleasure, The EARL (which is trademarked) is available in 24-karat gold or Stainless Steel or Gold. They recommend heating the thing up in warm water first for the full,  pleasurable prostate massaging experience.

For ultimate luxury and convenience, The Earl has a handle at the end so you can just pull it out when you’re done doing the sexy Assy McNasty.  And it even comes with matchy matchy cufflinks so a man can let his lover know what’s on the itinerary after a big night out.


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