What We Learned From OKCupid’s Dating Survey

For anyone who has ever been on the dating site OKCupid, you may be familiar with the list of questions asked of potential daters. After reading a few of them such as “Do you wash your hands before every meal?” or “Do you like the taste of blood?” you will ask yourself “Who writes the creepy questions on OKCupid?”

But their end of the year annual sex and dating survey called “The Hangover, An OKCupid report for the New Year”, reveals some fascinating results to those creepy questions.

For instance, the results to these two questions revealed that they were two of the most important questions people wanted to know about a potential date they were potentially hooking up with: Apparently, people don’t want to get down and dirty with dirty strangers:

How frequently do you bathe or shower? (“At least once a day”, “Usually daily. I skip some,” “A couple times a week”, and “Once a week or less.”)

How often do you brush your teeth? (“Twice or more a day, “Once a day, “Only on days I feel like it,” and “Rarely, never.”) 

Another glad to hear conclusion of the survey: 84% of people hate it when people approach them with an initial email that says “Hey.” Like “Hey, nice profile,” or anything would be better than just “hey”.

Another interesting result was the question “Are you a virgin?” The three states with the highest number of those were Idaho (19.78%). On the other end of the sexual activity scale were “Are you looking for casual sex?” (as opposed to a “relationship”.) The biggest hooker uppers were in Oregon (15.5%), Washington State, and Vermont.

Check out more Q & A’s here, such as “Would you rather be tied up?” (60%) or “Do the tying?” (40%.)

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