Body Painting Festivals Celebrate Artful Nakedness

The “European Body Painting Festival”, where music meets body art, was held Aug 13-14 in The Netherlands. The festival took place at the Castle Keukenhof in Lisse, Amsterdam, a country estate built in 1641 during Holland’s Golden Age. Naked, elaborately painted ladies adorned the music festival.

September 17-18 The French Body Painting Festival will be held at at Chateau de Rochers   an historic 19th century castle in France, now a hotel. Prizes will be awarded to the best “naked canvas” which will be painted by fine artists and makeup artists. First prize is 750 Eros or $850.

Europeans are much more relaxed about nudity than Americans are, and if you  drive along the coastline of the French Riviera, you will see a sea of topless, bare breasted beauties.

And if you can’t make it to either festival and are a nudist, Cap de Agde is a seaside resort in the town of Agde, France that is a “clothing optional” town. The whole town is a nudist resort! It is called “The Naked City.” You can legally go to the bank naked, go grocery shopping naked, or go to a restaurant naked. But they do require that you wear shoes.


Nekkid, Painted ladies added eye candy to the music/bodypainting festival.

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