All-Female Car Service Launches In Response To Rapey Uber Drivers

Tampilan aplikasi Chariot for Women

A new car service for women – like Uber without the creepy drivers hitting on you – is launching April 19th. The new car service only uses female drivers and only picks up women and male children under 13. Chariot For Women was started by Michael Pelletz, a former Uber driver, and his wife Kelly, after Mr. Pelletz was shocked by the number of female passengers in his car who told him that Uber drivers creeped out on them as they tried to get home. conducted an underground investigation into Uber’s history of sexual assault and found out (through a former Uber customer service rep) that there were 6,160 complaints against male drivers, ranging from sexual assault to rape. In response, Uber claimed there were “less than 170,” as if that makes it more okay.

Mr. Pelletz says that on more than one occasion he saw women who were drunk at 3 in the morning getting into the wrong ride sharing car. At Chariot the driver and the passenger will be given a password to see if they match to avoid any drama by men posing as Uber drivers. According to the website, Pelletz’s “fatherly instinct kicked in.”

The Boston based company will open the service in all 50 states and is now looking for drivers.

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