Man Has Sex With 100 Strangers To “Help Them Conceive”

“Joe,” a married man with three teenage children,  has an apparent obsession with impregnating women, about a hundred of them.

Joe travels around the country offering his services as a sperm donor, for ladies who want to become pregnant, but have no one to impregnate them. His poor wife has no idea.

The weird thing is that he does it for free. But he says he’s doing society a service, he anonymously explained to ABC News. Artificial insemination could cost a woman a couple thousand dollars or so. He calls what he does “natural insemination.” One woman, who didn’t want to pay $700 for a vile of jizz at a sperm bank, googled “free sperm” and there he was. His payoff, besides getting to bang 100 women while being married,  is that a hundred babies will look like him. And a hundred people will be asking those babies “Whose your Daddy?”

Kyle Gordy, (pictured) is a 23-year-old engineering student who says he posts ads offering his high IQ splooge for free, to any “recipient” who needs it.


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