The Low Down On The Hair Down There

Someone actually did a study on what people think of other people’s pubic hair grooming habits. YouGov’s latest study says that 72% of American women say they shave their lady business. This is opposed to 37% of guys who shave their junk. Over 1,000 people were polled for this survey, which found that men 30-44 expect women to remove their hair down there (55%), while the percentage of men who think they should reciprocate is only 37%. Under 30’s were more equal in thought about men shaving the hair around their poles, with 54% of women 18-30 and 49% of men thinking men should do it too.

A casual survey of respondents at the sexpert offices said things like “I hate when a guy has a big, brillo-pad bush and it gives me rug burn,” or “If we have to suffer bikini wax and pube-shaving zits they should too.” One gay guy said “I don’t like it when he completely shaves and waxes the balls so they look shiny, but I do appreciate it when he trims those boys.” Wow, apparently men and women need to discuss this with each other.

Once people turn 45, they apparently don’t care as much anymore, with only 12% of men 45-64 and 27% of women 45-64 thinking it’s important. And once people turn 65, they care even less, which should give us all one less thing to worry about by the time we become “silver foxes.”



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