Today’s Dating Tips To Avoid Tomorrow’s Drama

This is a public service announcement for girls who date guys. If I were still in my 20’s, these are the three things I would have told myself after the first date, which would have saved me the trouble of entering into a relationship that showed all the signs of being trouble. All of these presented themselves on the first date, when red flags were waving in my face. But I ignored them, basically because I thought the guy was “cute.” You’ve done it. Don’t do it.

1.) “Never date a man who hates his mother,” according to my Mother. She suggests that a good question to ask on a first date is “How do you get along with your mother?” This way you find out if he’s a loving, well adjusted person or a complete psycho. If he says “Not very well, she was controlling,” or anything in that vein, run for your freaking life, and don’t let him run after you trying to control you.

2.) Don’t sleep with a guy on the first date. If he really pushes you to sleep with him an hour after you’ve met, he is one of the following: married, “in a relationship,” or a male slut. I know hooking up is supposed to be cool, but please, get to know someone a bit; courtship is the fun part. The more you sleep with someone you just met, the less chance he will call you back. Like, ever. However, if you really don’t want him to call you back after you just jumped in bed with him, disregard this advice and sleep with him immediately.

3.) Don’t be all T.M.I. Don’t tell him too much or anything on the first date he can use against you. Be mysterious. I know it’s really hard to be mysterious when you’re revealing everything including your ass crack on your Instagram and Facebook, but be more mysterious in general. This also goes for revealing the details of your sexual activities to co-workers. I once made the mistake of telling an editor at Details that I got finger-banged in the back of a taxi by another co-worker, and he made sure to tell everyone in the office. The guy I started dating wouldn’t date me anymore and was forever re-named “Tommy Hilfinger.”

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