Couples Chemistry – Our July Giveaway! Review by Domina Doll

Couples are always looking at ways to spice up their relationship.  Often, these issues stem from lack of communication about their sex lives, or just not knowing what each other’s turn-on’s are.

Now there is an easy and confidential way to find out.  It’s called

And this is’s July giveaway – so ENTER TO WIN your COUPLES CHEMISTRY kit now!

How it Works

Couples Chemistry 2

Step 1: Couples Chemistry Quiz

First, one partner takes the online “Couples Chemistry Quiz” which has 100 questions.  The questions range from basic demographics to your sexual turn-ons and turn-offs.  Questions like what gender roles you prefer to play, the sexual style you enjoy (slow & gentle vs. aggressive, playful, etc…), parts of the body you like to be touched, and your intimate desires (exhibitionism, voyeurism, sensual, intellectual, playful, variety, toys and games, dirty talk, masturbation, role playing, breast play, oral sex, porn, spanking, sensation play, anal, 3-somes, dominance/submission, rough sex, s/m).  You rate these on how receptive you are towards exploring them with your partner from HIGH to NO WAY.

Step 2: Invite Your Partner

Then, you invite your partner to come fill out their questionnaire.  The quizzes and your profiles are confidential, so neither of you know what the other is filling out (unless you shared them).  So, no worries about feeling uncomfortable revealing your most intimate, secret desires.

Step3: Couples Chemistry matches your areas of mutual desire

Next, you’ll get a free report that reveals your shared interests so you can start the communication process and start exploring your fantasies and desires together.  Answers that didn’t match, or that both of you disliked are discarded.

The Result?  Better communication, deeper intimacy, more stimulating sex life and the “OKAY” to explore sexual activities together than you may not have discussed before.

How cool it that?

But, that’s not all.

Based on your results, Couples Chemistry creates a customized Love Kit based on your preferences that you can purchase to help turn your shared sexual fantasies into reality!  And, the cool thing is, what is in the kits will be a total surprise to you and your partner until you get it delivered to your house.

The whole surprise element I found rather exciting, and I couldn’t wait to get my custom kit and start exploring with my partner.

What’s in the Mysterious Love Kits?

Lots of cool stuff actually.

Vintage porn/erotica prints from the Kinsey Institute Archives.
Vintage men’s magazines and erotic comics (my guy loved these).
Tips cards on how to explore your erotic adventures together.
An Adult DVD to inspire and instruct.
Adult toys to play with.
A deck of 52 “Talk To Me” conversation cards designed to foster intimate communication and insights.
A booklet on what’s going on under the covers — a condensed summary of the latest research on what couples are doing in the bedroom.
A booklet on the links between communication, intimacy, and sex, and how to foster a closer relationship with your partner.
And, much more…


”Your customized Couples Chemistry Love Kit contains everything you need for unforgettable nights of open conversation, sexual exploration, intimacy, romance and pleasure — adult toys, erotica, helpful tips, visual materials, and intimacy aids — all tailored to your relationship and all reflecting only those areas in which you and your partner have indicated the highest common interest. Your Love Kit is designed to stimulate all of your senses and it will include items about your shared fantasy.”

Both my partner and I were happily surprised by our kit and its contents.  I got the DVD “Kinsey” (2004) starring Liam Neeson, all about Alfred Kinsey’s life and research which was great.  The vintage artwork was amazing and Chris really enjoyed the vintage comics.

My only disappointment was some of the toys were low quality.  With a kit like this I was expecting not really high end toys, but at least medium quality.  But, the other contents more than made up for the lack of quality toys, and being a toy slut (I mean sex toy reviewer), I already have an arsenal of adult products to play with.

My partner and I are already very open with our sexual turn-ons, so we didn’t really learn anything new.  But the quiz did spark some new ideas and really emphasized our top shared sexual pleasures.

How Does Couples Chemistry Know So Much About Sex and Intimacy?

Couples Chemistry has advisors (Dr. Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH, and the Kinsey Institute) who helped them formulate the quiz and kits based on many years of sexual research.

So you are not just filling out a silly sex quiz with no basis in reality.  The kits are really designed to give both you and your partner something fun/sexy/exciting to enjoy.  Plus, their tips, info, and conversation cards all have great ideas on how to create intimacy and better sex for you and your partner.  And, if you are not communicating about your sexual preferences with your partner currently, this would be a great way to start.
The results of the quiz are free, whether or not you decide to buy the custom Love Kit later.  So, you have nothing to lose by trying it out!

I highly recommend  It was a fun, enlightening, sexy experience and made for a few hot date nights as well. has generously offered to give away a custom kit to one lucky winner! ENTER NOW! If you win, CouplesChemistry will send you a promo code to login with after you fill in the quiz portion, which helps them customize your kit.

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