Tantric Sex Through Movement

Lack of movement can leave your body feeling tight and stiff. It also restricts energy flow and can block your emotions. Even when you visualize part of your body moving, you are creating physiological sensations.

Rub your hands together and feel the warm energy as you slowly bring them apart, put your hands against your partners hand and feel their heat. Stretch your body every day, take a walk at least once a week and dance whenever possible.

Take turns receiving loving caresses and kisses from your active partner. When you are really truly giving you are also receiving the feeling.

TANTRIC KISSING is when you face your lover and moisten each other’s eyebrows, then lean into each other with brows touching. Feel the energy flow from one to the other uniting the two of you into a higher level of consciousness and kiss gently at first as you slowly build up to adding more pressure. Wrap your lips around your lover’s tongue & suck passionately alternating your speed from slow to quick.

The energy of touch promotes blood flow, boosts the immune system, nurtures and arouses so don’t forget to incorporate different kinds of touch with your lover including:

A Healing Touch like a scalp rub, a Romantic Touch like a hug, a Seductive Touch like a kiss, an Intimate Touch like a sensual massage is an excellent way to fuse your energies, a Sexual Touch like oral sex, an Erotic Touch like finding the G-spot or the Prostate gland and an Orgasmic Touch by having sex in your favorite sexual position. In Tantra the favored position is called Yab Yum which is woman on top.

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