Couple Busted For Having Sex On Las Vegas “High Roller” Coaster

A couple taking a wild ride on the “High Roller” coaster in Las Vegas got busted for having sex in public. Having sex in a “pod” is the Vegas version of the Mile High Club. The fear of getting caught while having sex in public is one of the most popular fantasies, and the thrill is getting away with not getting caught. But one poor couple got busted by someone in a neighboring pod who called security who then caught the couple on surveillance tape. Wait, I thought Sin City was an adult playground? Why are they busting people for copulating on a ferris wheel? Isn’t that what you go to Vegas for?

The couple was arrested and charged with the misdemeanor “committing a sex act in public”, after security told them over an intercom to stop doing it and put their clothes back on. But they ignored them, probably because it was too late! Since then, the attractive couple’s mugshots are allover the internet, and apparently what goes on in Vegas stays on the internet.

In 2014, a Vegas travel site called Vital Vegas published a bunch of tips on how to have sex on the high roller coaster without getting caught. They suggested “bringing a blanket” to hide your Vegas sinning, and bringing baby wipes to clean up the evidence.



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