Study Says Non-Monogamy Is Growing

A lot of people I know are in non-monogamous relationships. It’s just that their wives doesn’t know it yet! Unfortunately, cheating is at an all time high, which is why this recent survey from yougov is super interesting.

What it found is that more Americans are open to non-monogamy than you might think. The issue with non-monogamy is whether it is consensual or not. What the study found is that the younger people are, the more they are open to consensual non-monogamy, which is a much better alternative to cheating. (And less stressful!)

“Over the past fifty years the sexual revolution has undermined or eradicated many of the norms and morals our grandparents once took for granted, says Peter Moore of Yougov. “Not only is society significantly more understanding of homosexuality and female sexuality, but monogamy is now optional instead of a lifestyle enforced by law.”

One of the questions asked of 1,000 people was “On a scale where zero is completely monogamous and 6 is completely non-monogamous what would your ideal relationship be?” 69% of women said “completely monogamous while 52% of men said the same. But that leaves 31% of women and 48% of men interested in non-monogamy in varying degrees. Males, for instance said that the rest of the scale was 8% (2), 3% (3), 12% (4), 5% (5), and 8% (6), which means 36% of men don’t view an ideal relationship as totally monogamous. (The rest weren’t sure.)

The sample was random, stratified by gender, age, race, education, political ideology, party identification, and geographic region. Yougov is “the largest internet opinion database.”

The younger you are the more you like the idea of non -monogamy. Only 3% of people over 65 liked the idea of it. Probably because it’s exhausting dating a bunch of people on Tinder.

According to Yougov, ” research shows that, overall, the vast majority of Americans (68%) would in no circumstances be OK with their romantic partner engaging in sexual activities with someone else.” But, people 18-29 are more open to the idea of open relationships “with the consent or their main romantic partner,” which is the basis of polyamory. An average of 20% of both men and women, 1 in 5 under age 30, see it as a future lifestyle alternative.

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