Tinder Adds STD Testing Locator, Ends Billboard Fued

Following a feud last fall over an STD awareness campaign, Tinder and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation have kissed and made up. Last fall, AHF blamed dating apps Tinder and Grindr for spreading STD’s, blasting the startling message on giant billboards around Los Angeles. Tinder then threatened to sue, saying it wasn’t their fault and accused AHF of false advertising, disparagement, and libel. As we said in our story on that, let’s not blame the apps, let’s blame the dumbasses who have unprotected sex with people they just met on hook-up apps.

In response, Tinder has just added a new health safety section as well as tips on how “anyone forming a new “relationship” can protect their well-being.” The page includes a link to Healthvana’s free HIV and STD testing site locator, to clinics that are totally free! Healthvana’s clinics are located in many cities across the country.

“With Tinder adding a health safety section and a link to Healthvana’s testing locator, AHF is now removing the billboards and ads mentioning Tinder,” AHF said in a statement.

Jessica Carbino, who is Tinder’s new “lead sociologist” says “We’d be delighted to see other major social networks follow in our footsteps in educating the public.”

Agreed; the more sex we have the more sex education we need. And you can get your results within 24 hours, which keeps you from freaking out for too long, wondering if your chlamydia has gonorrhea.

“Staying healthy in today’s dating world means getting tested regularly, practicing safe sex and having honest conversations about your HIV and STD status,” she says.

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