Sex Survey Says Millennials Are Having Lots Of Orgasms

The 2015 Skyn Condoms Millennial Sex Survey asked 5117 people between 18-34 about their sex lives, and apparently they are having more orgasms than older people! A whopping 89% of respondents said they reached orgasm, although a large percentage could be exaggerating, because who wants to fill out a sex survey and put that you didn’t have an orgasm? In the general population, only 33% of women have orgasm through intercourse alone, so millennials are “mouthier!”

The survey also found that 25% of millennials use vibrators, 43% use lube which is good, and makes sex feel better, especially if you are using condoms. And speaking of, the smarter they are, the more they use condoms. 65% of people with a degree said they used them compared to only 44% with a high school diploma. But that still leaves 35% and 56% of them not putting condoms on their dongs! Time to whip out the Skyn Condoms, which by the way feel pretty great if you are using their polyisoprene non-latex lubricated ones.

57% have sexted, while a staggering 49% have sent naked pics of themselves or their junk on mobile phones, with 25% specifically sending pictures via Snapchat. And finally, the favorite position of the youth of America is doggy style. Men prefer doggy, while women prefer good ‘ol-fashioned missionary.




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