“Furries” Hold Their Big Convention

The “furries” held their big convention last weekend in Pittsburgh, and we’re sorry we missed it! We love dressing up as giant, furry foxes!

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports that hundreds of people lined the street to enthusiastically cheer at 1,300 Anthrocon conventioneers dressed in furry animal suits. The outdoor parade was a first for Anthrocon who typically holds its “Fursuit Walk” indoors and in private.

According to Anthrocon, furries are big in Scandinavia, and the convention this year included a bunch of Viking furries! Who knew? According to Anthrocon, it is “the world’s largest convention for those fascinated with anthromorphics, which are human-like animal characters.” These would include foxes, bears, and dogs.

There is also a “furry fetish” for those into the sexual aspect of costume play. We can’t be sure what percentage of conventioneers are are into that, but if we were furry fetishists, we’d go to the convention just to get laid with other furries, who officially call themselves “furverts.”

Fab furry photo by Pam Panchak.

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