Real Life Ken and Barbie Have “Plastic Love”

A couple calling themselves the “Real Life” Barbie & Ken have bonded over their love of plastic surgery. Justin Jedlica and Pixee Fox say that for now they have “given up on love”, as their obsession with plastic surgery has distracted them from having a real love life, reports The Daily Mail. Besides, the real life Ken is gay and the only plastic surgery that would change his relationship with the real life Barbie would be if she got a penis, which is the one thing not in her plastic surgery plans.

So far Pixee has undergone 17 operations including removing six ribs, four boob jobs, a nose job and a lip job, and she’s not even finished. Justin says he’s had 340 cosmetic procedures including five nose jobs, butt implants, and shoulder, back, cheek and bicep implants. Not to judge or anything, but wouldn’t it be less work to just work out?

The plastic “couple”, who both live in Los Angeles, plan on getting more surgery (Pixee is getting butt implants) and will get it at the same time so they can recover together. “It’s hard to find somebody who is actually willing to be a part of the lifestyle–because we are a lifestyle. Surgery is my focus and I don’t have time for a man.” But wait, who’s going to enjoy those new butt implants?

Meanwhile Justin is cruising dating apps but says he “hasn’t met anyone special. There are not that many people like me, so it narrows the pool down.” Thanks Justin and Pixee for making the rest of us feel like less of a freak.


Pixee and her freakishly Barbie proportions.

plastic surgry

“Ken” shows off his new back implants.

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