Visitors To Rio Olympics Can Check Into “Sex Hotels”

Visitors to the Rio Olympics will be checking into Rio’s “Sex Hotels” for their own sexual olympics.

“There will be ‘severe shortages of hotel rooms’ according to The US State Department” reports Yahoo Sports. The Villa Reggia, a recently renovated hotel that goes for $220 a night has beds, sex chairs, love swings, and an S&M cage. “Meet new people” suggests the hotel on its Facebook page, which gives a glimpse of the newly renovated rooms that were once pay-by-the hour hotels for illicit affairs. After you meet new people, the hotel has a bunch of hot tubs for your meet and greets.

Its luxury suites include the “Suite Hollywood” and the “Suite Sado” for S & M lovers.

500,000 are tourists are expected to flood Rio de Janeiro for the Games, which begin August 5th.

“Some 5,000 rooms from the network have been made available, at prices a seductive 70 percent less than in traditional establishments,” says Antonio Cerqueira, Vice President of the Association of Rio Love Hotels, an only in Rio Association.

“They’ll be available to tourists,” Cerqueira told Yahoo Sports. “My hotel will be full during the Olympics. Occupancy is already very high, at about 88 percent.” “And it’s expected to peak” added the Association, just like the hotel guests.


The “Japanese Suite” at the Villa Reggia love hotel

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