Alcohol Contributes to Campus Assault

A report from The Kinsey Institute and Kinsey Confidential says that 50% of reported campus assaults involved alcohol. “The discussion of alcohol use and sexual assault is central to unraveling the problem of campus assault,” they say, “but it is also paradoxically problematic. Focusing on alcohol use threatens to promote victim blaming of sexual assault survivors who were consuming alcohol, but considering the fact that on average, at least 50% of campus sexual assaults involve alcohol, failing to address this context will impede efforts to reduce prevalence of assault.”

The report also notes that “Men anticipate feeling more powerful, sexual, and aggressive after drinking alcohol. Alcohol increases aggressive behavior, and therefore the likelihood of assault, particularly if a male has felt led on. Thus an intoxicated man is likely to focus on his sexual arousal and sense of entitlement rather than the potential pain and suffering of his victim or the possibility that he will be punished.”

As a University Lecturer and Sex Educator who travels around the country attempting to lessen the number of sexual assaults on campus, I of course do not ever blame the victim. But, I do tell the female students if they want to reduce the chances of being raped or sexually assaulted by a drunken frat bro, to keep to a “2 drink maximum” policy and at least you’ll be more in control and more able to fight the dork off. Besides, according to the report “Alcohol inhibits motor skills that aid in a woman’s resistance to sexual assault.”

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