And The New Reason Men Cheat Is?

A new study in the June Issue of the American Sociological Review says that young, straight married men, ages 18-32 have a new reason to cheat on their young wives. Because she makes more money! The study, taken from a sample of 2,750 married couples, found that there is a 5% chance that women completely economically dependent on their husbands will cheat, but the percentage jumps to 15% for men who are completely  dependent on their wives. As her salary goes up, his wee wee goes down.

“The higher infidelity rate among economically dependent men may be a way for men to compensate for a perceived loss of machismo,” says Christian Munsch, Ph.D, an assistant professor of sociology at The University of Connecticut, who conducted the study. “Women who earn more than their husbands do everything from increasing their housework to minimizing their own achievements to try to make their husbands feel less emasculated,” Munsch said. We say get over it because it may not be this way forever, and stop cheating. And could you please dump the garbage?


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