Dating Site For “Open Relationships” Gets 36,000 Members In First Week

I was in an “open relationship” once; I just didn’t know it until my boyfriend told me he was already “in a relationship” with his wife.  So for anyone already in a relationship who would really like to be in an “open relationship”, there is a new dating site just for you. appeared a few days ago, and in the first week attracted 36,000 members. This mean there are tons of of people, both men and women, who are curious or seriously interested in the new sexual frontier of “non-monogomish” or polyamorous relationships.

“Gay men are already familiar with the poly paradigm,” says a friend of mine,” but straight people seem to have a harder time with it.”  “True,” I told him, “but the last thing most straight, single girls want to do is share their man with another girl.” “But what about being with two straight men?” he asked, “Would you consider that?” So I signed up, reluctantly. I didn’t find any guys looking for a two straight men/ one straight girl relationship, but I did find a guy who says he’s looking for “several wives.” (“You may now kiss the brides.”)

Founded by Brandon Wade, the brains behind, and, the site for rich, older husbands to find poor, younger girlfriends, the site has the most interesting sign-up form I’ve ever seen on a dating site.

First, under “select your gender” it’s selections include “male, female, agender, androgynous, bigender, cis, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning.” So many choices! Under “Romantic Orientation” the choices are “heteroromantic, binoromantic, homoromantic, pannoromantic, polyromantic, skolioromantic, aroromantic, heteroflexible, sociosexual, androsexual, and sapiofluxuating,” which requires an hour googling the choices.

And finally, under “I’m interested in” the choices are “man, woman, MTF, FTM, two-spirit, transmasculine, non-binary, pangender, transsexual, neutrois, and gendervarient.” Finally, a site where nobody feels left out.

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