Why Californians Should Vote No On Prop 60

Hundreds of protesters marched in Los Angeles who want a “NO” vote on Proposition 60. The protesters included Evan Stone, Buck Angel, and Nina Hartley. The bizarre proposition gives any resident of California the power to sue adult film performers if a condom isn’t visible in an adult film.

“If Prop 60 passes, Michael Weinstein — the sole proponent of the initiative — would become a state employee, with near unlimited power to defend the law and pursue violators,” say those in the adult industry who are against the proposition.

“As a result, any person residing in California can sue me, sue any of us, for not using a condom”, says porn performer Casey Calvert. “Stalkers, ultra-fans, anti-porn zealots, all of them. And there’s nothing in place to prevent them from filing complaints against content that was created before the act passed. Sure, they might lose the suit, but the damage will be done. Lawyers are expensive.”

And it doesn’t stop there, she says. Here are some details:

“If judgment is entered against one or more defendants in an action brought under this section, penalties recovered by the plaintiff shall be distributed as follows: 75 percent to the State of California and 25 percent to the plaintiff.”

That’s right, prop 60 actually provides incentive for my stalker to sue me. A 25% incentive. I don’t know how anyone can ignore how dangerous this is. Our courts are overburdened enough without this gift to trial lawyers, and the potential lawsuit tsunami to follow.”

According to AAPAC, the leading performer organization,“Prop 60 would give each of California’s 38 million residents the power sue performers if they see a film where the condom isn’t visible. It’s an outrageous violation that would open us to stalkers, harassers, anti-porn activists and, maybe most disturbingly, profiteers. As you know, your proposition offers a large cash bounty for successfully bringing each suit, then forces us to pay our harassers’ legal fees.”

There are approximately 1500-2000 active performers in California. Nearly all have spoken out publicly against the measure. If you live in California, please vote no on prop 60! Thanks.

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