Sex On The Brain?

A new study of the brain and sex revealed that “all three phases of the sexual pleasure cycle – including wanting sex, having sex and not wanting sex” is due to the cerebral cortex area of the brain.

The study, which appeared in The National Journal of Clinical Anatomy Review in India, also said that sexual dysfunction occurs when there are “alterations” in this brain area that controls sex.

“For all its primitive functions, human sex draws heavily on the functionality of the part of the brain that has evolved most recently, the cerebral cortex,” said lead researcher Dr. Janniko Georgiadis from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

The study researched participants who took part in sexually stimulating activities such as watching pornos, and then studied how the brain reacts when varying emotional or physical changes are brought into the mix. So next time you want to have sex, you’ll have to ask your brain.

Dr. Georgiadis has also studied the brain and orgasm. “Orgasm is tied into the brain’s reward system. There is much we can learn about the brain, about sensation, about how pleasure works and probably much more from this one physical response.”

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