Tired Of Tampons? The Menstrual Cup Is Here

No one likes a dry vajajay, say the makers of Lunette, a soft menstrual cup that keeps your your body’s most prized private part free from fibers or dryness. “Nothing dries out a hoo-ha more than a thick cotton swab, which is exactly what a tampon is,” they say. “They can leave fibers that your body is not meant to take on and strip your body of all of it’s good lubricants.”

The gadget “for nicer periods” is easy to stick in and pull out, and is designed to be re-washed. It goes for $39.99 and comes with a storage bag. It sounds good to us, except for use on road trips where peeing on the side of the road could be a possibility.

Tired of tampons? Here is their menstrual cup vs. tampon argument:


Lunette Cups

  • made of medical-grade silicone
  • odorless
  • durable
  • comes out gently
  • can use overnight
  • can last up to 12 hours
  • use, clean, use again
  • easy to clean and disinfect
  • no strings attached
  • helps the planet
  • one-time cost
  • comes in several fun colors



  • made of cotton
  • can leave fibers inside
  • strips your body’s natural lubricant
  • may require yanking when dry
  • can use overnight
  • can last 4-6 hours
  • use once and toss
  • strings attached
  • a burden on landfills, clogs toilets
  • costs a lot more money over time

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