Harvard Class of 2015: Smart Students Are Dumb About Sex

When it comes to sex, students at Harvard University, supposedly some of the smartest in the country, are actually pretty dumb when it comes to sex. The Harvard Crimson, the University’s student newspaper, released a survey this week of graduating seniors, half of whom responded to various questions about their carnal habits while on campus. And it doesn’t look like they learned much about sex.

According to the Crimson, 58% of seniors said they entered Harvard as virgins. Once they arrived, however 19% of male students went wild and reported having “sexual intercourse with 10 or more partners,” only 7 percent of women saying the same. 24% of the class, on the other hand, said they did not have sexual intercourse while at Harvard. Of those seniors having sex, 43 percent said they always use a condom, while a whopping 31 percent said they sometimes, rarely, or never use a condom, which is really stupid. Where are the sex ed classes at Harvard?

Meanwhile, viewing pornography was significantly more popular for surveyed men, 45% of whom said they watched it multiple times a week while in college. By contrast, 56 percent of women said they have never watched porn in college. This accounts for college girls who ask “What the hell are you doing?” and the guy says “I just saw it in a porn movie.”

According to The Crimson “With the College under investigation for its adherence to Title IX regulations and a new University-wide sexual misconduct policy the subject of fierce debate, sexual violence has been a major topic of conversation on campus during the past year.”

When it comes to sexual assault numbers, 14% of women in the Class of 2015 said they were sexually assaulted at Harvard, while another 7 %  said they were unsure whether or not they had been a victim of sexual violence. By comparison, just 3 % of men reported being sexually assaulted. Those numbers are roughly consistent with an often cited 2007 study, which found that 19% of women at large four-year universities experienced a completed or attempted sexual assault during their time in college. Harvard, with one of the biggest cash endowments in the country, needs to put some of that money in teaching their students how to be smart about sex. It would be worth it.


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