Do This One Thing To Get In The Mood

Guys get into the mood by watching porn. Lots of it. Even at work when they’re supposed to be working. But one of the most common complaints that sex therapists see, especially with women, is mismatched libidos where one person is generally less horny than the other person.

During an “undercover” investigation I did where I posted a profile on Ashley Madison, the cheaters site for married cheaters, I asked all the guys I chatted with why they were cheating on their wives. An overwhelming majority said their wives “had low sex drive” or “no sex drive, like she doesn’t want to have sex with me anymore.” I can’t speculate whether it’s due to low hormone levels after childbirth or menopause, weight gain or body issues, or the wife realized her husband was really just an asshole.

Whatever the reason, there are thing to remedy this (such as returning to having hot dates with each other, checking your hormone levels, and going on weekend get-a-ways.)

But there is one quick fix that doesn’t cost much and just takes a few minutes: Reading Erotica. One reason Fifty Shades of Grey sold a bazillion copes is because women got turned on reading it. “It’s like porn!’ says my 83-year old aunt who bought the second book.

Cleis Press has known this sex secret for years and is the biggest publisher of erotica books. Cleis is the largest publisher of erotica books in the country. While books sales in general are down, sales of erotica books are up. Take this excerpt, for example from Sweet Life, Erotic Fantasies for Couples:  “Her hands were shaking as she pulled open his belt and unzipped his pants. She felt his fingers going through her hair as she found him without underwear, felt his cock, hard for her… He let out a deep moan…”

More exciting than reading the newspaper.


Try some quickie erotica with Alison Tyler‘s collection of erotic stories.

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