GoGirl Urinals: Going To The Coachella Music Festival

Gotta go? But someone’s hogging the women’s bathroom and there is a massive line? No worries, because according to the makers of GoGirl, “Life’s greatest adventure shouldn’t be finding a bathroom. GoGirl is the femine urination device that lets you go anywhere.”

This thing is a genius device to bring to the upcoming Coachella Music festival, or any other place where nature calls. Find it on GoGirl’s site or on It’s only $12.99 and well worth the price of not peeing your pants while talking to the hot rock guy you just met.

GoGirl says its portable urinal is great for Ski Girls who “don’t even have to take their ski pants off”, and Outdoorsy Girls who could be miles away from the nearest bathroom. It’s also good for Global Girls who travel and “never know what they’ll find” they say, Road Trip Girls who prefer using the side of the road, and City Girls who don’t want to wait in line for an hour at a club while people do drugs and have sex in the bathroom. To the girl who invented this– Sarah Dillon, you go girl.

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