Dr. Ava & Anka Radakovich In Men’s Journal & Kama Sutra Excerpt

Athletic sex positions aren’t for everyone, but it is a subject I happen to know a lot about. That’s why I was thrilled to contribute four advanced positions from my latest book on the Kama Sutra that can make sex last longer to Men’s Journal this week: The Swing, Standing Suspended, Advanced Cow and Advanced High Squeeze.

Our own ‘Sex in the News‘ sexpert Anka Radakovich is also included, with her great tip about how to have great sex while getting your laundry done.

I’m happy to share with you this excerpt from my latest book Idiot’s Guides: The Kama Sutra that describes the Swing in full detail with ‘hotness for her’ and ‘hotness for him.’


Performing the Swing

The man reclines onto his back, bending his knees so his feet are flat on the floor. The woman straddles his hips and lowers her yoni as he pushes his feet against the floor to raise his pelvis off the ground while his shoulders remain on the floor. He can use his arms to support his waist
or place a stack of pillows under his lower back for additional support and a more restful position. The woman takes in his lingam and controls the thrusts as she uses her legs to raise and lower herself with sexual abandon.

Spicing Up the Swing

As the woman leans back, she can place her hands on her partner’s knees for balance, giving him more direct access to strike her G-spot as she grinds
down. If he is able to keep his hips

raised without the use of his hands, he can slide his hands from her knees inward along her thighs to her sweet spot of penetration. There, he can slide his thumbs up and over her rosy lips to massage her pearl.

Hotness for Her

Given that many sexual positions place a
woman in a passive role, the Swing is a fantastic opportunity for her to embrace her fierce sexual dominance. This is done not only by controlling the way she decides to ride, but also by directing her lover on how to thrust, pushing him to his sexual limits like he so often does for her.

 Hotness for Him

The Swing is both submissive and strong—a combination a man is rarely asked to perform that could prove to awaken myriad new sensations physically and emotionally. As his muscles are stretched and exhausted, he can enjoy the sexual display of his partner taking full aggressive control of her carnal needs using his lingam for her own full benefit.

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