Men Are More Attractive When They Are Good At This…

A new study has found that men are more attractive to women when they can tell a good story. Although I don’t really need a study to tell me that someone’s rambling stories are a turn-off.

The study asked women to rate subjects on their attractiveness after they read a boring story, and then the same story in a more interesting, creative, and imaginative way. Women found Mr. Storyteller to be more attractive. “From an evolutionary psychology perspective, say the study’s findings, “being a good storyteller increases a person’s ability to gain resources,” (which means they are perceived as having higher status.) “This preference should be particularly pronounced for long-term relationships.” The study found that women were not as concerned with story telling when looking for short-term mates.

According to The University of North Carolina’s study author Dr. Melanie Green, Ph.D, a vivid vocabulary and “specific details that transport you and paint a picture,” show women that a man is intelligent, socially adept, creative, and a good communicator, important in long-term relationships.

Women were also studied in the same controlled situation, and were not perceived as any more attractive when they told a good story. Blame it on evolutionary psychology, which is not exactly feminist.

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