‘Intensity’ Intimate Health Device – Review By Dr. Ava Cadell

I’ve been curious to try the Intensity sexerciser since it arrived at my office in its appealing hot pink and white box. And I should point out right away that it’s made in U.S.A. – I love that!

Inside the box are beautifully laid out instruction booklet which I duly read, noting that you’re supposed to empty your bladder before use. On a side note, I have recently been thinking about how women are always told to pee as soon as we feel the urge to avoid bladder infections, but then we’re not using our PC muscles, are we? I need to see more research on that.

But whatever your opinion on bladder retention, the Intensity is more than capable of doing the job of strengthening PC muscles. And in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, PC muscles are the pubococcygeus muscles, or ‘kegel‘ muscles, or ‘pelvic floor’ muscles that are so helpful for things like holding in pee! Not to mention having mind-blowing sex…

Here are the benefits to exercising the pelvic floor, which all lead to a more fulfilling sex life:

1.  Less chance of urinary incontinence due to aging

2. Stronger uterus during pregnancy, in preparation for childbirth

3. Orgasmic awareness and stronger orgasms. 

Multi-Tasking Toy

This innovative device is not only a PC muscle stimulator with ten levels of intensity marked by the ‘S’ control, but it’s also a rabbit vibrator with five vibe speeds that range from extremely buzzworthy to off the charts powerful.


Muscle Stimulation

The cool thing about the Intensity is that it is the only product to actually stimulate the PC muscles for you, through ‘silver stimulation contacts’ that deliver gentle electric signals to the muscles.

A word of caution. Test out the levels of current on your hand before you insert the Intensity into your vagina. I used the very lowest setting, so you want to make sure you cycle through the levels first. They wisely recommend beginning with level one. Caution: If you feel pain or discomfort, stop using the Intensity.

With this unique feature, I can definitely see why they call it “Intensity!” And as their literature promises, it does very easily identify the muscles for you, allowing you to isolate them properly for a targeted workout. Often when women do kegels on their own (which I also recommend), they are strengthening their abdomen muscles more vigorously than the actual PC muscles, since they are difficult to isolate.

Inflation & Vibration

According to the instructions, you lube up your silicone exerciser with water-based lube (silicone lube could break down the material) and insert into the vagina about four inches, while lying on your back with your knees bent and pointing up. You can put pillows under your shoulders and back to be more comfortable.

The next step is to use the balloon like end of the handle to inflate the shaft, which can expands extraordinarily. This is another feature I would test out before insertion, just to see how it works, and how many pumps it takes to give you the girth you’re looking for. I will say if you’re a fan of girth, this is the toy for you! And it’s easy to find the big black button directly above the balloon area which deflates the shaft instantly.

Once you’ve got your Intensity inserted, you power it on and choose a vibration level for your pleasure. You may find the wand-style powerful vibrations of that little rabbit buzzing away too much too soon on the eight thousand nerve fibers on your clitoris, so for less direct stimulation, move the rabbit ears away from the head of the clitoris. Next comes the PC muscle stimulation part, which sends an electric signal through the metal ‘probes’ on either side of the shaft. The metal surfaces do align perfectly with the PC muscles, and upon stimulation, they definitely contract and feel pulled upward and inward. It’s an unfamiliar feeling at first, but I did get used to it after a few times. It’s recommended to be used between 5-10 minutes, but for beginners, I would recommend less.


Kegels Without The Pulse

You can also use the Intensity without the metal contact pulses, and just leave it powered off, inside. It still helps you identify the PC muscles in this way, and you can also use the vibrations alone without the stimulation element. Remember to keep your breathing even and relaxed, and also try to relax your abdomen, buttocks and legs, so that you know you’re isolating the PC muscles. If you do this while looking in a mirror, you can view the contractions to make sure you’re doing it correctly.


Cleaning the Intensity is a snap since you can inflate the shaft fully. The accordion-like creases balloon out making it easy to wash thoroughly with soap or sex toy cleaner, and warm water.

Overall, I’m impressed with the Intensity. I love the science behind the unique muscle stimulation, the inflatable shaft, and the vibrations are truly on par with some of the most intense wand-style vibrators on the market! I also love that it’s made from body safe silicone, and the detailed literature that comes in the attractive package is very helpful.

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