A History Of Sex Dolls; High End “Girls” On Display In Japan

Orient Industry, a maker of super expensive and super real sex dolls, launched an exhibit of super creepy “Love Dolls” in Tokyo this week. The “Artificial OTOME (girl) Museum”, in collaboration with the Vanilla Galler, is presenting the Eerily realistic doll exhibit. We’re all for sex toys and sex dolls, but if you’re going to spend $10,000 to bang a silicone doll, it’s time to get out more.

The sex doll brand started in 1977 when the future CEO of Orient Industry decided to “Make the kind of doll that he knew men needed.” He came up with Hohoemi, who was a “simple lady compared with the sophisticated silicone dolls of today, but she certainly was a popular and durable creation,” the company says. “Made from urethane and PVC, Hohoemi was essentially a head, bust and waist with a hole. That’s it.”

Below is Hohoemi; isn’t she cute? Imagine going over to some guy’s place and seeing her sitting on the coffee table.


Hohoemi was replaced by Omokage, in 1982, when they moved onto full-body dolls. Omokage was made of latex and had detachable arms and legs–in case someone drops by and you have to throw her in the closet.


Next was Kagemi in 1987, and the Hana Sisters in 1997, with new models appearing every few years. The dolls were gaining popularity with “widowers”, the company says. Sure.

orient-industry-love-doll-1987-kagemi (1)

In 1998 Orient Industry fully established itself with the all-silicone”Candy Girl” series, “a whole new breed of love doll” that made a guy feel like he was fornicating with a real girl.


In 2000, the company introduced “Fantastic, an anime character style love doll for the anime nerds who have no idea how to talk to a real girl.


From 2005 too 2008, the latest versions of the Candy Girl started to arrive, and the company “heralded a new generation with the ultra realistic “Ange” Real Love Doll.


Today’s “steampunk” love doll. She’ll kick your ass. Then you can bang her.



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