Man With Two Penises Tells All!

dickcover400For anyone who thinks their life is complicated, try having two penises.

A guy who calls himself “Double Dick Dude”, has written a memoir about being born with two (big) dicks. Double Header; My Life With Two Penises tells his story, including whether or not he uses public bathrooms. (“I generally avoid them,” he says. ) With two schlongs and two sexual preferences, he works both of them and identifies himself as bisexual, noting that he has slept with over 1,000 women and men. But his sex life is not so easy. “The skin in-between my two penises is sensitive” he says.

His e-book memoir recounts the varying reactions throughout his life which, includes people being either fascinated or horrified. His friends still tease him alot, he says. When he flirts with a girl his friends will say “She wants the D’s.”

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