The Award For Funniest Sex Toy Sales Video Goes To…

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Tom Stewart, CEO of Sportsheets, makes a wacky sales video for his line of restraint and bondage toys for couples. This video is the BDSM equivalent of a local car dealership or mattress commercial.

“You’re probably wondering why I’m wearing a tie with nipple clamps,” he says. “Well, because it feels good. Not the tie, the nipple clamps. Which is why you should be wearing them. Everytime you move, they groove, especially if you have nipples.”

Demonstrating a studded whip he says “To use, simply firmly grip and expose the skin of yourself or your partner’s, which raises the nerves of the blood coming up to the skin. All of a sudden, you are having sex,” he says, explaining how it works. “This thing is now under the bed or wherever, but boy, does this thing get it going.”

“I get to be goofy around here,” he admits, “because they don’t let me do anything else.”

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