Eastsiders Season 2; The Web Series About Boho Gay LA

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Eastsiders, the sexy web series about young, arty, and gay friends living in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles returns for season 2 in November. (It’s also available now on wolfeondemand.)

EASTSIDERS SEASON 2 was created, written and directed by actor Kit Williamson (Mad Men), who stars in the series as Cal, a cute young photographer. He tries to navigates the world of modern gay life post monogamy, which includes trying a threesome with his boyfriend, Thom, played by Van Hansis (As The World Turns). And there are some surprise guest stars like ex-porn star Traci Lords who plays Val’s hot Mom.

“I can make dinner and then you guys can blow me,” gives you an idea of the real-life dialogue. Sweet, funny and highly addictive!

EASTSIDERS Season 2 - DVD Cover

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